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Why Blood Clots Are Important in Oral Surgery

Closeup of dental tools extracting a tooth with bleeding that will soon develop a blood clot

Whether you just underwent wisdom teeth removal or a simple tooth extraction, hopefully you didn’t skim through the aftercare instructions provided by your care team! Part of your recovery after oral surgery is developing a blood clot in the surgical site so you can avoid a dry socket.

The Purpose of a Blood Clot After Oral Surgery

Blood clot formation is the first stage of your body’s wound healing process. When it comes to oral blood clots, they are important as they protect the extraction site from harmful bacteria, food, and other debris.

Typically within 24 hours after your oral surgery, the bleeding will stop as the blood vessels constrict and blood cells called platelets clump together to seal the wound. During this time, you must avoid rinsing, swishing, spitting, hot liquids, straws, smoking, and vigorous physical activity. These can disrupt the blood clot formation and lead to a painful dry socket.

What Is a Dry Socket?

If a blood clot from an oral surgical site fails to develop or is disturbed and comes out of the socket, its loss results in a dry socket. A dry socket exposes the bone and nerve endings. This can be extremely uncomfortable. You will experience pain in the wound, as well as radiating pain up along the side of your face. It can also delay healing if debris lodges in the opening.

If you experience a dry socket, contact our team as soon as possible so we can help you manage your pain and prevent other oral complications.

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