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Possible Complications After Oral Surgery

Blonde young woman cringes in pain and touches her cheek that is highlighted in red because of dry socket after oral surgery

If you’ve got an oral surgery scheduled in the near future, you may already be looking ahead to the recovery process. While your surgical team will review aftercare guidelines with you, here are a few common complications that can come up after oral surgery and how you can avoid them:

  1. Excessive Bleeding
  2. Some minor bleeding after getting oral surgery is normal and nothing to be worried about. You can apply pressure to the site with a bit of gauze to reduce the bleeding. However, if the bleeding is profuse or lasts for longer than a few hours, it’s time to contact your dental provider.

  3. Infection
  4. The last thing you want after oral surgery is to develop an infection, which is one of the many reasons it’s so important to stick to the aftercare plan provided by your dental provider. If you are prescribed any antibiotics, be sure to take the full course as directed to help stave off infection. Maintaining proper oral hygiene after your procedure is also key. Gently brush your teeth and gums daily. On the second day after surgery, you can gently rinse with a mixture of salt and water.

  5. Dry Socket
  6. When you have a tooth extracted, a blood clot will form to protect the empty tooth socket and help the socket heal. If that blood clot gets dislodged too early in the healing process you will experience what is called dry socket. Without the clot in place, the underlying nerves and bone are exposed. This is very painful! To reduce your risk of developing dry socket, avoid spitting and rinsing for the first 24 hours and be sure not to smoke, use a straw, or brush too vigorously.

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