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What Is Hyperdontia & Its Treatment?

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A child should have 20 baby teeth by three years old. Not including wisdom teeth, an adult mouth typically has 28 permanent teeth. Hyperdontia is when a patient has more teeth in their mouth than normal. This dental condition is more common in adults than children but can still occur for younger patients as they begin to lose their baby teeth.

What Causes Hyperdontia?

While there is no known cause of hyperdontia, it may be related to genetics and select syndromes. Hyperdontia usually doesn’t cause pain but can cause oral health issues down the road, such as an increased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Treatments for Hyperdontia

Supernumerary teeth, or extra teeth, may overlap and make it difficult to properly clean the teeth and gums. This can result in dental disease and shifting of other teeth. It could also make it difficult to eat or speak comfortably, lowering self-esteem and increasing anxiety.

If hyperdontia is a risk to a patient’s oral health or teeth alignment or is a cosmetic concern, there are several beneficial treatments, such as orthodontics and/or tooth extractions. But for some patients, their extra teeth cause no oral health problems and do not need additional dental treatment.

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